Become a Metabolic Balance® Practitioner

Metabolic Balance®, the award winning program loved by natural medicine practitioners around the world, is now available in Australia and New Zealand. 

Why do leading practitioners around the world prefer the Metabolic Balance® method?

  • Uses only natural wholesome foods

  • Individualised, scientifically validated menu plan and food list generated easily and quickly

  • Integrated system includes blood draw and lab analysis

  • Highly effective and client health centered

  • Low start-up cost

  • Easily adapted to existing or new businesses

  • Fast return of initial investment

  • 70% plus referral rate

  • Tested & tried techniques

  • Professional coaching support


What practitioners have to say...

I love how [Metabolic Balance®] provides the client with all information for them to plan and undertake the program. It is simple to follow and for the client to meal plan. The client loses weight quickly and this is motivating to them.

~ Melisa Byrne, ND, SA, Australia

I am not a massive fan of fad diets and quick weight loss fixes so when I learnt more about Metabolic Balance® and the science behind it, I knew it would be something I would value in my clinic as it was none of these.  My clients are enjoying the results and love that their diet is based entirely on their body chemistry. It is still early days for Metabolic Balance® in my clinic but so far I am definitely loving what I'm seeing and have noticed the weight loss has only been one of the benefits I have witnessed. My client's hormones are more balanced, they are happier, more motivated, and blood pressure has normalised.  I am glad I made the decision to incorporate it into my clinic.

~ Juanita Mrak ND, Albany Creek, QLD, Australia

Metabolic Balance® has taken the guess work and the hard work out of individualised wellness and weight management planning. I haven't been doing it for very long but all clients so far have been very happy with the program and their food lists and they love the support that they are getting. The best part is that they are losing weight without starving and all comment on having more energy and feeling well. I am really enjoying the process with clients also.

~ Kim Carolan ND, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

 I’m so grateful I started this journey... I was a brand new pracci when I came to training - initially things were a bit slow and to be honest, I was worried about the amount I had invested! I think things changed when I did the program, it gave me confidence to talk about it - suddenly in the last month I’ve got 10 clients with plans and 5 in process! I thought it would be largely weight loss, but hormonal imbalances/menopausal woman exceed that! Thank you for answering all our questions & concerns - this has certainly been not only a great business decision, but MB has been great for me personally too. 

~ Jane Jarvis ND, Roleystone, WA, Australia

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